Atlanta Personal injury and Car Accidents Lawyer

Have you been injured, through no fault of your own, and don’t know what to do next? Atlanta Attorney Ruby Lee Knight has spent over 25 years fighting for her clients to get what they deserve and need.

She has assisted in settling millions of dollar’s worth of claims over the years, and she will be happy to talk to you about your claim. She will give you her time for free to discuss the circumstances of your case and what options you may have. Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Ruby Lee Knight understands the stress you are going through and wants to help you deal with your problems.

Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are probably dealing with a lot of problems right now. The insurance of the person who caused the accident will probably try not to pay for your damages, or to pay you far less than what your claim is worth. You probably have bills piling up.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Ruby Lee Knight knows what you are going through, and she wants to make sure you get what you deserve. You may be eligible for reimbursement for not just medical bills but car repairs, car rentals, time off from work, pain and suffering and more.

What should you do?

Don’t make a statement to anyone or accept a settlement on your case without talking to an attorney. You deserve to be paid what your case is worth, and you shouldn’t have to pay for a problem someone else caused.

You also shouldn’t wait too long before consulting an attorney, because there are deadlines if you need to file a lawsuit. You can call Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Ruby Lee Knight today, and she will offer you a free consultation on your case.

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