Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

Whether approached amicably or resolved through a bitter courtroom battle, divorce is always a painful process. The sensitive nature of such legal proceedings calls for exceptional representation from a highly skilled family attorney. Let Knight and Associates guide you through the complexities of divorce and help you and your family obtain a fresh start.

Filing for Divorce in Georgia: How an Atlanta Divorce Attorney Can Help

Prior to filing for divorce, it is important to determine whether you meet the state’s residency requirements. You and your spouse should have lived in Georgia for at least six months. If you are currently a Georgia resident, you can file for divorce with your county’s Superior Court. You’ll need to complete several documents, including a petition for divorce and a settlement agreement. Your Atlanta divorce attorney can assist you with all of the necessary paperwork.

Common Approaches to Divorce

Many spouses desire to resolve their differences amicably so that they can retain respectful co-parenting relationships in the future. The best path to an amicable resolution is mediation, which is also the fastest and most affordable approach to divorce. Mediation is not the best solution in all situations, however, and some spouses may be better served by taking on an adversarial approach, such as collaborative divorce or litigation. No matter which divorce style you prefer, you can count on Knight and Associates for proactive representation.

Issues Resolved During the Divorce Process

Divorce completely changes the structure of your family and your financial portfolio. You and your spouse will need to determine where and with whom your children spend their time, who pays child support (and how much), eligibility for alimony, and how shared property is to be divided. If these issues cannot be resolved through mediation or collaboration, they will be determined in divorce court.

There is no such thing as an easy, pain-free divorce. However, with assistance from an Atlanta divorce attorney, the stress associated with marriage dissolution can be kept to a minimum. Look to Knight and Associates for guidance through all phases of the divorce process.

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