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Great Attorney quick in response

I know Ms. Knight to practice Criminal and Family law. If I know her to represent traffic cases, I would use her and recommend her to friends. I went through unemployment like most people in this economy, so I have been extremely behind in my child support and alimony payments. Ms. Knight has been able to prevent me from incarceration and my license being suspended. When an old arrest warrant was used for my arrest recently, Ms. Knight was there within hours to get me released without purging myself from the child support and alimony arearage. She is a fantastic attorney that is quick on her feet.

- (5 star review)

Great Attorney

Very compassionate but a tiger in the courtroom. She goes beyond the call of duty helping her clients in such a troubling time.

- (5 star review)

Great Divorce Lawyer

Ms. Knight handled my divorce and child custody case and was very compassionate, caring and efficient in court.

- (5 star review)

An Excellent Lawyer

I had an excellent experience with this lawyer, she handled a divorce and a traffic case for me and won both cases. She was very professional, smart and knew her “stuff”. he comes highly recommended.

- (5 star review)

Represented Me in Medical Claim – Excellent Work

Ms. Knight was very professional in reviewing and taking my case and got me the money I needed to pay my medical bills without ever setting foot in a court room. We were able to settle out of court and quickly. Very pleased.

- (5 star review)

Great Experience

Mrs. Knight was very professional. She handled my case in a timely and respectable manner. It was hassle free and over all a great experience. I would recommend Mrs. Ruby Knight to anyone in the Atlanta area.

- (5 star review)

Satisfied Divorcee

Ruby Knight is an excellent Attorney!!!!!!! She helped me over come a very difficult divorce. Not only was she an awesome attorney she was a wonderful friend in my time of need. After all that I had gone through with my X-Husband she helped me come out of a separation as a winner, I appreciate her for all that she has done. If I ever had to go through this all over again I would definitely choose Attorney Ruby Lee Knight. I will recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Ruby as an attorney and friend you are truly appreciated.

- (5 star review)

Child Custody and Support

I was going through a very tough time. Miss Knight was very kind and passionate. She showed much empathy with my situation. I am so glad that I was able to use someone who could actually understand my issues and help me through them. I do not understand the bad reviews that I have read, but I guess you cannot please everybody. However I was pleased with my outcome and would use her again. Although I hope I never have to go through this again.

- (5 star review)

Ruby Knight is a wonderful lawyer

I have known Ruby for many years.She is an absolutely joy to work with.I used her for 2 divorces.She was always returning my calls and keeping me updated on each step of my process.She worked with me on my payment arragements.I would highly recommend Ms.Ruby to any person.Matter of fact I have recommened her to many friends.And in the future I will always turn to Ms.Ruby first.

- (5 star review)

awesome lawyer!

She handled my case quickly and did a great job! She definitely knows her job as a lawyer very well , she kept me informed on everything.

- (5 star review)


Ms. Knight handled my divorce in a very professional manner.
Everything went smooth and quick because of her.
She is a great lawyer.

- (5 star review)

“If you are going to war Ruby Knight is your Tank”

Ruby Knight is an Attorney that I have and will continue to recommend. I had been told by several attorneys that I had a losing case and in Georgia a father has an impossible battle seeking custody.I was referred to her by an attorney in a different field of law. He made two things very clear.
Number 1: She was a tough and aggressive woman.
Number 2: If I needed a Pit-bull in the courtroom she was the one.
My first impression of Ruby Knight was all that I was told it would be. My consultation left me with mixed feelings. She did not beat around the bush or waste her time with tact. To me that was odd for a person trying to earn your business. It was that very quality I felt I needed in the courtroom. In a mater of minutes she had separated my facts from my opinions, slapped me with her knowledge of the law, and made it very clear that she could turn my case around.
Her direct way of communicating with me as a client was awkward at first. Although she told me from the very start that she could not and would not promise I would get everything I wanted or in my mind promise me a victory. It is very clear that she does not like to lose! And she had not intentions of losing.
I didn’t understand a few of her strategies until the very end. If you think she is aggressive with you… you will be excited to see her on the attack .
Ruby Knight is passionate about what she does. She will fought for my child like she was fighting for her own.
If you want a lawyer that talks nice to you and tells you what you want to hear this is not the attorney for you .
IF you want an attorney that is a straight shooter that will deliver facts and a honestly even if it hurts. Ruby Knight is your attorney.
I never had to call her because the same aggression that can leave you stunned at times is the same aggression that drives her to stay on top of any and everything that will make or break your case.

Walking into the court house with Ruby Knight was amazing. From the officer at the medal detector to the Judge in the court room , everyone seemed to know and respect her.
Ruby Knight is great at what she does. She is your best chance for success in the courtroom.

In the end I now have full custody of my child. All thanks to the hard work and no lose attitude of Mr Ruby Knight!

- (5 star review)

A True Knight In A Troubled Circumstances

I have always tried to understand & be there for marriage couples & married friends at their unfortunate time of divorce. My presence of being there to help didn’t nearly approximate the physical, mental & emotional strain of dealing with an unexpected divorce of my own. A happliy married man for 15 years with 3 beautiful children; the American dream. It all changed & with 3 children caught in the middle, that’s when I was led to Ruby L. Knight. She demonstrated great concern for everyone involved in this unfortunate event. She was that particular Knight if you will, that assisted me when no other help would or could. She applied wisdom, expertise & great knowledge to bring about an outcome that I believe no one else could. A divorce is a very unfortunate event, there are no winners or losers. I thank God for Ruby L. Knight being my Lawyer & representing me. I now have the great opportunity & privilege of continuing to raise my 3 beautiful children to make a great difference in this world. Thank you & God Bless…


- (5 star review)

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